Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Sugar Boxx (Cody Jarrett, 2009)

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted here. Spent a week in New York City and did not bring the laptop. No time for blogging in Gotham for me. So, we'll get back to business with spoils from my trip to the highly awesome Mondo Kim's Video & Music!

Sugar Boxx is a neuvo women in prison film that takes all its cues from genre standards. It is very similar to your typical Filipino WIP film, but is set in Tallahassee, FL. This was musician/writer/director Cody Jarrett's third film, and while not all together bad, is only mildly enjoyable. There are some twists to the standard plot, but not much to make it really stand out.

Television reporter, Valerie March (Geneviere Anderson, Dracula's Curse, Star Trek: Enterprise) is asked by an old lady to find her niece. The trail leads her to Sugar State Prison, which has an odd record of interring young women convicted of dual drug/prostitution charges. In order to get into the prison, she poses as a prostitute and drives to Tallahassee to attempt to get arrested. There is little problem with that.

Once in Sugar State she meets Loretta Sims (Thela Brown, Flavor of Love's "Rain"), the tough girl who dislikes white women, but warms to Valerie (aka "Angel") and agrees to assist her in finding the niece and exposing the prison. She also learns that select women are used for prostitution by Warden Beverly Buckner (Linda Dona, Silk Stalkings, Delta Heat). From there on, it is all standard formula. Rapey guards, escape plans, "the box" and such. Notable appearances are from Tura Satana as a judge and Kitten Natividad as Matron Mays, though they do not really have enough participation to make it the reason to watch this one. Possibly the strangest part of the film is the use of medieval swords during the break-out scenes... Very odd.

As WIP goes, it is more toned down than most. Mostly nudity and more tame violence. High jiggle factor and short outfits for the leg and butt aficionados.

Geneviere Anderson as Valie/Angel
Angel and Loretta in an obligatory shower scene
Hookers with machet├ęs

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