Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amazing Mask Finale? @amazing_mask

Some of you likely remember all the posts I have done on one of my favorite webseries, Amazing Mask vs the Supernatural Voodoo Woman (Amazing Mask vs la Sobrenatural Mujer Voodoo) from Fan-Boy Icon Dani Moreno, and starring Nerd Girl of Note Dunia Montenegro. You don't? Well, here is the entire five episodes, at least I assume it is the entirety. My Spanish is terrible, but judging by the ending of episode five things seem to be wrapped up. Don't worry though, arch-villain Doctor Calavera is still around so I predict we shall have more Luchador action in the future.

Below is a playlist I created n Youtube with the five episodes, as well as some commercials that I assume are not real, but fun. While it is in Spanish, they are done in such a way that you don't really have to know what is being said to know what is going on. Moreno has great comic-book sensibilities, so the story is told visually just as well as verbally.

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