Friday, November 11, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #135: Cynthia Myers

Russ Meyer vixen and December 1968 Playboy Playmate Cynthia Myers died this past weekend at 61. As of this writing, the cause of death has not been released. Myers was Playboy's first playmate born in the 1950s,and oddly enough was photographed prior to her eighteenth birthday. Playboy did not release the photos until after she turned eighteen. I won't post it here, but there is an excellent scan of her centerfold here.

Beside her Playboy appearance, Myers is likely most famous for one of the four films she appeared in, Russ Meyers Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970), which was Uncle Russ' only big studio film. She also appeared in Hammer Film's The Lost Continent as an uncredited Native Girl, They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (also uncredited), and Molly and Lawless John. Cynthia was stunningly beautiful, and easily one of the most popular Playmates in Playboy history.

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