Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Seducers (Ottavio Alessi, 1969)

aka Top Sensation, aka Swinging Young Seductresses

I received two warning about this film from the most excellent Tenebrous Kate. First, it is not worth the effort of finding. Second, I would ignore the first warning and get it any way. Touché, Empress, touché. I did indeed search all the more fervently for this one after said warnings, proving the veracity of her powers of prophecy. How could I not, though? Let's face it, Rosalba Neri and Edwige Fenech in various states of undress, even rolling around on each other for the better part of ninety minutes. I am only a man.

On the first point we shall have to agree to disagree. No, it is not a great movie, but I felt it was worth watching. Neri especially, but Fenech as well, often transcend the typical acting boundaries of the "B" movie actress, particularly the typically naked "B" movie actress. The Seducers lets them do some nice work, even if it is in a limited scope.

The story? Oh, yeah.

Some rich old broad with a yacht and a weirdo son, Tony, take some young acquaintance (read lover) and his wife Paola (Rosalba Neri, also her lover) into the Mediterranean with another young woman, Ulla (Edwige Fenech). The mother thinks if her son loses his virginity he will be cured of his mental problems. Ulla is supposed to make a man of him, but he is completely uninterested. While the entire boat (save Tony) is doing the mommy-daddy dance (or mommy-mommy dance) the boat runs onto a sandbar and gets stuck. Tony high-tails it for the associated island, and the one man on the boat and Ulla are charged with collecting him. There is a side plot of trying to get more money out of the old lady, but things are pretty shaky here.

Plot-wise, I am fairly with Kate. It is a flimsy story, and perhaps not all that original. I did however like how loathsome all the people on the boat were. They are really pretty vile people, and make no excuses for it, nor does director Alessi. The bulk of the acting is pretty poor, though Neri and Fenech make a convincing pair of ne'er-do-well rich chicks who will do anything to get richer. Watching two of Eurosleaze's most beautiful women gush all over a rather filthy peasant, then making slight, disgusted looks when he is not looking was pretty artful.


The reason to watch this one is all Rosalba Neri though. I have had an infatuation with Neri since I discovered her, but frankly thought Fenech was more attractive. When you put the two together there is no contest. Maybe it is just this particular film, but Fenech is merely beautiful. When in a scene together Neri sucks all the light from her. I seemed to only notice Fenech when Neri was not on screen with her. Perhaps it is just this film, and maybe Fenech's role demands a lesser sexuality. Neri's Paola is carnality personified, and oozes sex from start to finish.

Anyway, this is a hard one to find. When I finally found it at a reasonable price on eBay it was a DVD-R, likely a VHS ripped bootleg. The picture quality is pretty lousy, but the bootleg is professionally done, with a nicely/professionally printed DVD. If you are a Neri fan, definitely look for it. She is stunning in this film. If you want a fairly dirty Eurosleaze murder story, and like me do not get into Giallo, it might suit you as well. Fenech fans... I am not sure what to tell you, except something very odd goes on with her in one scene. I'll leave it at that.

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