Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Women in Chains (Bernard L. Kowalski, 1972)

How popular were WIP films in the '70s? Well, ABC did a "Movie of the Week" in 1972 called Women in Chains, and aside from the lack of gratuitous nudity, it appears to be every bit a standard WIP film. Below is a trimmed down version from YouTube user "Pirated Video" which cuts the fat from the lean.

Our "good girl" is also our "concerned outsider" in the person of Sandra Parker (film and television character actor, Lois Nettleton). Our sadistic matron is Claire Tyson (film legend Ida Lupino). The rest of the cast is made up of unknowns, though a few you might recognize from other television shows, and the characters are fairly standard fair.

Oh, and you ever wonder why there is so much nudity in your grindhouse WIP films? Apparently so they don't have to do endless scenes of inmate cabin fever. This film is pretty rampant with it. If they could have done a shower scene or two, but hey...

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