Friday, January 27, 2012

Nerd Girl of Note #140: Rebecca Ferratti

Between the name and the looks you would naturally want to think Rebecca Ferratti was an Italian actress, but Ms Ferratti is a Montana girl oddly enough. Apparently she competed professionally in martial arts, according to her IMDb Bio, was the June 1986 Playmate of the Month. and has several acting credits spanning from 1978 to 2007.

She is best known to me as "Talena" from the Gor movies which do show her to be quite athletic (if a bit stiff at times in the sword fights), and not a bad actor, particularly when sandwiched between numerous really bad actors and the awesomeness of Oliver Reed and Jack Palance.

Unfortunately, Ferratti's acting career did not go too far despite its longevity. She has twenty-five acting credits according to her IMDb entry, some of which are prominent  roles, but numerous others are credits like "Sexy Woman", "Game Show Hostess", "Playboy Playmate", or my favorite "SeƱorita Kissing Ned" — the unfortunate plight of the B Movie actress who finds her way into mainstream films like Beverly Hills Cop or Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. So, as is our want in the Nerd Girls of Note world, lets give the lady a look. Check out some of her films if you get a chance. Gor streams on Netflix (my review) and the MST3K version of Outlaw of Gor is on Youtube. You can also stream Cyborg 3 (Zach Galligan) on Netflix.

From a Playboy calendar
As "Talena" in Gor
A silly little video from Playboy featuring Ferratti. There is some nudity, but not egregious.


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This appeals to my interests. Thanks!

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"lets give the lady a look"
Yes indeed, let's do that... good post, and gorgeous lady.

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