Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Premature Book Review: The New Death and Others (James Hutchings, 2011)

Short fiction can be a hard sell at times. Sometimes you get a lot of the same, or you do not quite know what you are getting into. James Hutchings was good enough to send me a copy of his ebook, The New Death and Others. which currently goes for 99¢ at Amazon and Smashwords (links below), with an Amazon listing of 119 pages were it in print form. On Goodreads I noticed many readers of this title were fellow bloggers reading it on a review basis, which I think is a wise strategy. The relatively low cost to my readers might spawn more sales than if my readers needed to discover it on their own.

In all, the book is quite enjoyable. Stories just long enough to convey the mood or idea without getting too wrapped up. I am not a great fiction writer but have always believed that brevity is the better part of valour. Most of the stories are of a supernatural bent and quite interesting. There are some plays on Lovecraft and Poe among others like "The Scholar and the Moon," as well as the "what's hot now" in horror such as "The End," modern fairy tales like "How the Ilse of Cats Got Its Name" and a rather Gogol/Kafka-esque tale "The Enemy Within."

Well worth your 99¢ if you are an avid reader, particularly of the darker shades. If you don't have a Kindle or other ebook, worry not. Kindle software is available for almost everything these days, and there are numerous non-Amazon MOBI readers out there for PCs.

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anarchist said...

Thanks for reviewing my ebook. I've added a permanent link to your review on the New Death page of my blog.

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