Saturday, February 4, 2012

Premature Game Review: Temple Run

I am not a gamer, but when I find something I like I tend to get hooked. Temple Run is such a game. The game is on iOS for various devices, and looks to be forthcoming for Android. It is free at the moment.

The story is that you are an adventurer who pilfered an idol from a shrine guarded by demonic apes. The whole game is you running away from them. There are four gestures to control movement.
  1. swipe left/right to turn
  2. swipe up to jump
  3. swipe down to slide
  4. lean left/right to weave
So, it is basically a collection game. You get a score for how far you run, and collect coins along the way. The coins can be used to buy upgrades to the various power-ups you find along the way, additional characters, and one-time enhancements. There are three types of path to run on, which change as the game progress. The basic path is walled stone but there is also pier-like wooden paths and narrow stone paths. Obstacles include tree roots to jump, trees growing over paths to slide under, flame traps to slide or jump, and broken parts of the path. Certain obstacle like small tree roots or turning too early will cause you to trip, slowing your speed. The demonic apes will appear at your back, and if you trip again before you regain the lead will cause them to catch you.

It is an incredibly simple game, but for me that is the appeal. It is all reflex. The path is randomized, though at certain way-markers you will find particular obstacles. There is some slight strategy, such as taking a turn that demands an immediate jump appears to put you in the path of more coins, but otherwise it is just a run for your life scenario. Well worth checking out if you have a device that will play it.


Smatchimo said...

This has been the top downloaded app on many sites for me, and now after reading this, im going to have to give in. Thanks for the review! Ive been MIA from blogger for a hot minute (almost a year) but its nice to be back

Darius Whiteplume said...

No problem. I am not particularly good about reading other blogs, so technically I am fairly MIA as well ;-)

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