Friday, April 27, 2012

NGoN #145: Asami Sugiura

Japanese porn star turned B-Movie actress Asami Sugiura (aka Asami Miyajima) came to the world of pinky violence in Noboru Iguchi's films Sukeban Boy and Machine Girl, but got a meatier role in his film Robo Geisha as one of the two goblin assassins. Since then she has appeared in Yakuza Hunters, Final Death Ride Battle, Mutant Girl Squad, Helldriver and the dubiously titled Erotibot, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, and Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead. While she appears to be Noboru Ugichi's muse, she works with other directors in the same vein.

As an actress, she is not as terrible as one might think. Granted, the films she is in are hardly high cinema, but she might be compared to other talented B-Movie actresses like Rosalba Neri, Lina Romay, and her fellow Japanese Meiko Kaji. While none of these women are Meryl Streep, they certainly surpass their respective genres. Asami is similar, if not on their level.

Asami (L) and Minasi Yashiro in Machine Girl

Asami (R?) and Cay Izumi publicity for Robo Geisha

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