Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cutie Honey (Hideaki Anno, 2004)

While I have been watching a great deal of weird, questionably budgeted Japanese films of late, Cutie Honey is perhaps the one I can most sincerely offer up to the general public for viewing. It is based on the Cutey Honey anime (no clue about the spelling difference) starring Eriko Satô as the titular character. It is a rather clean film, with no nudity that I remember, despite its source material and Eriko Satô's lack of shyness in the nudity realm. It also looks like anime. Sure there is a great deal of green-screen and digital effects, but it really captures the feel of anime so nicely that at times it is hard to imagine it is not animated.

The story revolves around a breakthrough nanotechnology which Honey's father (?) developed which he used to bring her back to life after a car accident. The bad guys have been after a similar technology for some time, but it appears that Honey's father developed it properly. They are after him, initially, but then want to exploit Honey's powers. She soon becomes involved with a "journalist" of sorts and a demoted police inspector.

Eriko Satô
The film is a great deal of fun, and the humor is not too obscure. I am not a huge anime fan, but this one fit most of my anime needs, being rather tongue-in-cheek, slightly sexy, very actiony, and put together well in a story sense. The plot develops as a plot should, and does not get convoluted by side stories. For comparison, below is the film's trailer, and below it the opening sequence from the anime; though the duplication is not overly necessary as the live action trailer goes to great lengths to show how true to the anime they hoped to stay.

On a tangential note, I would love to see Hideaki Anno take on The Dirty Pair as a live action with Eriko Satô as Yuri and Asami Sugiura as Kei... Maybe that's just me though?


Nathan said...

That Eriko is a cute girl, isn't she? Is that picture from the movie, or just a generic one of her?

cerebus660 said...

Just did a quick Google Image search for the young lady in question... glad I did ;-)

Darius Whiteplume said...

She is cute, and the movie is entertaining, though she seems to make the Duck Lips a lot. :-)

Unknown said...

The live action TV show (Cutie Honey: The Live) is also awesome...

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