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Satánico Pandemonium: La Sexorcista (Gilberto Martínez Solares, 1975) @mondomacabro

Normally, I would include a Nunsploitation film in the WIP Wednesday category, but Gilberto Martínez Solares' cult classic Satánico Pandemonium: La Sexorcista does not fit the whole "convent as prison" milieu. It is almost not really Mexploitation, despite being a Mexican made exploitation film. This is a classic story of Satanic influence, similar perhaps to Lucifera Demonlover (Paolo Lombardo, 1972); it just happens to be a Mexican film with a nun as the focus.

Our "heroine" is Sister Maria "The Pure" (Cecelia Pezet) who is part revered nun, part amateur veterinarian. Everything changes when she meets Luzbel, aka Lucifer, naked in the woods, sporting a bush that would make Jim Kelly's afro feel inadequate. She can't help but be interested in his smoldering gaze, and of course nudity. Also, he has an apple (the oft-forgotten symbol of The Morning Star), which he tempts her with. This becomes the recurring signal that Lucifer is in the building.

First Luzbel secretly aids her in a veterinarian pursuit, healing a cow with a perceived lung infection (a rather altruistic act for the Horned One), leaving the apple behind as a memento. This does not sway Sister Maria too greatly, so our beloved Lord of the Dammed pulls out all the stops. He appears as another nun in Sister Maria's cell and seduces her. He reveals himself, and she is not deterred. In short order, Lucifer is "eating at the Y" and apparently when The Devil goes down on you, there is no going back. This turns Sister Maria into a Grade-A horndog in need of some lovin'. Men, women, it doesn't matter, but turn her down at your peril. She has a habit (no pun intended) of getting all stabby with those who spurn her advances.

The rest of the movie involves Sister Maria trying to get it on, killing or maiming those who refuse/impede her, and Lucifer trying to draw her further into his clutches. As is typical of the formerly devout, Sister Maria sees the error in her ways and wants to return to Lucifer's opposite number's camp. Fortunately, Our Father Below is keen to such tricks and dissuades her with the simplest tool in his kit: fear.

Now, Nunsploitation is not really in my wheelhouse, and the small sampler platter I have partaken from has been very hit-and-miss, but on the whole, this one is pretty good. That is, if you are into the whole Satanic influence thing. Fans of Alucarda should certainly enjoy it. It is a must for Nunsploitation fans. It is not overly gruesome, and while there is some nudity, it is not wall-to-wall nakedness. Torture and perversion are at a minimum. Pezet is bordering on wonderful in her portrayal of Sister Maria, swinging from sweet to bat-shit crazy without a stumble. Well worth watching for '70s exploitation fans. The Mondo Macabro transfer is very nice, and the images and colors are quite crisp.

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