Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Black Dynamite TAS (Scott Sanders, 2011)

I have to tell you, in case you have not noticed; I love the movie Black Dynamite (Scott Sanders, 2009). When it was announced that Adult Swim would be launching an animated series I was woefully optimistic. The sad truth is, the animated series started off rather poorly.

The film Black Dynamite caught lightning in a bottle. It looked like a Blaxploitation film. It felt like a Blaxploitation film. It probably smelled like one too. It was not smirky, and did not pull all the silly trick filmmakers typically use to make a new film look old. The first three episodes of the animated series were quite the opposite. It was very smirky, and aped the film a great deal. It is possible that they were trying to introduce things to people who had not seen the film already, but the way they went about it threw all the charm of the source material out the window.

Luckily, around episode four things began to pick up. While it still lacks a lot of what made the film such a success, it has gained a little momentum. Initially it was pretty much another version of The Boondocks or Afro-Samurai, being funny enough yet accessible to what I assume to be a primarily white audience. It also does not seem to be as geared towards Blaxploitation fans. It has a '70s vibe still, but is more geared to what many people think Blaxploitation was rather than what it actually was.

For now, I am still withholding judgement, sort of. The last several episodes have been pretty strong, but fans of the movie should not expect to be wowed by it early on. Give it a chance, or just skip ahead to the Richard Pryor episode. Or just watch the movie again.


Garnett Elliott said...

I watched the MJ episode . . . that was enough.

Kal said...

I have a deep love for the original movie but also found the cartoon to be more of a Boondocks clone. Not that I didn't enjoy that series but the tone because repetitive and tiresome near the end. This one started tiresome but picked up.

Have you seen Afro Samurai. Maybe I wanted Black Dynamite to be more like that cartoon. Not fair I know but there it is.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Garnett -- I felt the same way. It gets better, but really not enough to go out of your way for it.

@Kal -- The movie was a thing of beauty. I'd like it to get better. Next episode was them returning to Vietnam to save Mr. T. My hopes are not high, but I'd like that one to rock. As for Afro Samurai, I have only seen a tiny bit. May have to look out for it.

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