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PBR: The Girls from Alcyone (Cary Caffrey, 2011) @CaryCaffrey

I completely picked this book out of the blue when looking for Amazon Prime free borrow books for the Kindle [link]. Unrelated to the book's content, I am pleased at how low the digital price is (currently $2.99) vs. the print price (currently $15.99). But I digress.

The Girl's from Alcyone is a futuristic space adventure set in the 24th century, and is heroined by Sigrid Novak, a young Earth girl who is "sold" to the Kimura Corporation; a fading mercenary guild with a new cybernetics program. The Earth is a veritable wasteland, populated by people who cannot afford to leave and the very rich who certainly feed off the poor. Space has been colonized, not through warp-drive engines but rather warp relays which slingshot ships around the galaxy. Sigrid is among 32 young women brought to the planet Alcyone for training and genetic/cybernetic modification, which is the Kimura Corporation's attempt to build supersoldiers.

As with most all of my Premature Book Reviews, I have not finished this one, but have past the 50% mark. It is an enjoyable story with some twists to it. The odd part is I cannot tell if this is a book steered towards the older members of the young adult crowd, or towards adults. There is a bit of sexiness that is not at all graphic. The language is predominantly tame as well. In many ways I think this is a great strength. Thus far I think it is appropriate for high schoolers, but those of us with more experience will see through the veil more easily; for example, the first erotic exchange between Sigrid and another character was quite arousing to my 42 year old sensibilities, but the language of the passage was not of the graphic variety. There is more of a nod and wink to older readers. Most anyone past puberty will understand what is going on, but it is not a blow-by-blow narrative of the encounter.

I have found it highly enjoyable. It has many classic space opera qualities to it, and perhaps even a little Treasure Island sensibility, with Sigrid filling the Jim Hawkins role. There is a lot of action, but it is not cumbersome. Well worth checking out for sci-fi or adventure fans.

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