Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4th Blogiversary!

Today marks four years of Adventures in Nerdliness. Seems longer at times, shorter at others. I have no idea what to post to mark the occasion, so here is a little thing I was thinking about regarding the changing face of blogging.

It seems to me that the blog, in this particular format, is getting to be a thing of the past. To be honest, I do not really read blogs anymore except for reference. If I know one of you likely posted about something I am currently interested in I will check you out first, and I certainly have my go-to movie blogs, but unfortunately internet inspired attention-span-shortening seems to have set in. I want pretty pictures and comic strips, and a touch of perviness. I don't want to be bothered with reading! GAH! It seems I am not alone. I blame Tumblr. ;-)

Thankfully, I am rarely a current events blogger and rarely try to give you heads up on what great new thing is on the horizon. Frankly I cannot be bothered to know what movies are coming out, or what books will make a splash. I am trapped in the past, woefully so. So, this becomes a journal of things I have recently discovered or gotten into, none of which seems to be new or forthcoming.

I do, however, try to keep things interesting. Easily the most popular feature here is the Nerd Girl of Note, which for new readers is a collection of women who are either nerds, nerd popular, or just people I am into. As I type this, the top three posts today are all NGoN entries; Wendy Fiore, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, and the ever popular Kaley Cuoco. Apparently my most popular post ever, with 36543 views, is still the Hotties of Yore with Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren. While I hate to say it, sex sells. My top 10 posts of all time are either NGoN or HoY posts; some from way back. Because of this I added the Fan-Boy Icon posts, which get some traffic, and I tend to do mostly movie and book reviews, but it is the boobies that keep people coming. Ah well.

Enough of my blathering. It has been fun, and I shall keep trying to produce content. Glad you are still around, and welcome to any new folks. As always, feel free to leave comments, if the mood strikes you.


Bubbashelby said...

Congrats on four years! That's quite a milestone, and just short of me as I approach my fifth anniversary this December. Wow, we've been blathering for a while now, haven't we?

Wings1295 said...

Congrats! Always fun here. I agree that the blog-bubble is on the wane, like anything I guess. I have my favorites and that is about it. Here's to this one! Cheers!

joe ackerman said...

well, happy anniversary to you, my good man! keep up the sterling work!

Kal said...

Happy Anniversary. You were the first one to encourage me to start a blog of my own so I always check into the voodoo that you do. Thanks for turning me onto entertainment I might otherwise let pass me by.

Tim Knight said...

Wow! Congrats! I could have sworn you started blogging before me, but there you go. I've been hearing that murmurs that "blogging" is a thing of past, don't you believe it! As long as people keep blogging - and they will - people will keep reading!

dfordoom said...

I've been blogging since 2004, and I've been online for well over a decade. I still remember the days of the USENET. The internet has changed a lot, and not for the better. With facebook and tumblr we have now achieved content-free communication. Never have we had so many means of communicating, and never have we had so little to communicate.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Eric - it is true!

@CJ - Thanks!

@JB - I will try... I'd better find some new interests tho :-D

@Kal - Glad you caught the bug, and glad I could share my nerdliness!

@Tim - This is still my favorite format to blog in. I hope it keeps going a bit.

@DfD - I blame phones for the micro-blogging revolution. I do remember being put off by BBS early in my internet life; trolls have been around since the beginning I guess ;-)

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