Friday, October 19, 2012

NGoN Updates and Fundings Friday!

Been away for a while, but noticed a lot of people friendly to the blog have stuff going on, so here is a little promotion! There is some crowdsourcing and charitable donations here.

NGoN #59, Satine Phoenix, is the artist on a new RPG currently funding at indiegogo. It is called Machinations of the Space Princess, which is a space themed Basic Dungeons & Dragons clone much like Lamentations of the Flame Princess, insomuch as it has similar play but varying classes from those we are used to. Satine is a lovely lady who is very nice to her fans, and becoming quite the feature at nerdmelt in L.A. For those who don't remember, or did not click the link, Satine came to our attention via I Hit It with My Axe and Playing D&D with Porn Stars.

Minimum funding of $10 assures you a PDF copy of the game, while $5 gets you some good karma, according to the site. Their initial goal of $1000 has been met, so production will happen, but if they reach $2000 they intend to release it in color. You can see some of Satine's art and musing at her website, here.

Check out the indiegogo funding site here for more information.

Author Allison Moon who brought us Lunatic Fringe is self-publishing the second book in her series, Hungry Ghost and funding it at Kickstarter.

I reviewed Lunatic Fringe after Allison contacted me about a pre-release review. I thought it was a fun, sexy book with a lot of excitement. The major themes are Feminism and of course Lesbian Werewolves, but as I mentioned in the previous review(s) I did not find them to be exclusive. I am a suburban whiteboy, and was able to identify with and feel for the characters. If you enjoy erotica or a good monster story you will not be disappointed.

This is a "fund what you can" campaign to help pay for design and editing, but funding of $10 will get you the ebook once it is finished. As of this writing the campaign has reached about 40% of funding. Get more information at Kickstarter, here. Find out more about Allison at her website, here.

NGoN #149, April Hunter, has started a new blog, writing about her life and exploits at April has just launched this blog, and thus far it looks like it could be very interesting. She has certainly had some interesting times in her life. Heck, being a wrestler on three continents might be enough, but there is more as well. Check it out sometime.

I try to do this one every year, but have been very lax this month.

Bowling for Boobies is an annual charity event to raise assistance money for women with breast cancer. It was started by friends of Edith Speed after she was unable to cope with the financial difficulties brought about by her breast cancer.

So, teams sign up for a bowling competition, and raise money at I have two teams I pull for, each with at least one NGoN Alum each; The Speed Demons and the Horror Starlets.
Now, by the time you see this, some of the goals may have been met, but this is a worthy charity, and you could always help out someone underfunded or donate to a team in general. Team pages:
  • The Speed Demons, which also includes Thomas Lennon (The State, Reno 911), Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Gos), Kayre Morrison, and Agile Roxy
  • The Horror Starlets, which includes a veritable host of horror veterans, such as Sean Decker (, Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel), Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever), Natalie Victoria (DeadHeads), Kristina Klebe (Halloween (2007)), Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede), Allison Kyler (Prom Night (2008)), Sarah Butler (I Spit on Your Grave (2010)), and Carlee Baker (Wicked Lake)
If any of those other names strike your fancy you can find their individual funding page through their respective team page. It is a very good cause, and I like to think my readers have been benefactors over the last two years. If you have a little cash to throw their way, think of it as buying me a beer. :-)

Brooke Lewis

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