Saturday, February 2, 2013

You may not like B-Movie legend Jim Wynorski, an I can't blame you if you don't, but this was a rather interesting look at the modern(ish) B-Movie.This is a documentary on Wynorski's challenge to shoot The Witches of Breastwick in three unprecedented time frame for even straight-to-video.

A big point to the film is more the death of the B-Movie rather than the film being shot. Wynorski's stable of regular actresses has begun to desert him, partly as they feel deserted themselves. The type of big-screen parody with boobs that is Wynorski's current milieu is now becoming the domain of the pornstar, rather than fairly straight actresses like Julie K Smith and Julie Strain. The more straight actresses are quite put off by the new pornstar inclusions, but can do little about it save to not participate.

In a way, the idea that the B-Movie is dead is a solid one. Part of the reason B-Movies, which have been almost solely sexploitation for years, exist is to show nudity. Porn stuck its knife in sexploitation years ago, but since porn still needed you to go somewhere and buy it, the B sexploitation film clinged to life. Networks like Cinemax kept things going. With the internet... Who needs to go buy porn?

Now, I will argue that B-Movies of the sexploitation variety still thrive, just not in the US. Check out Japan's low-budget industry. Sure, there is some noticeable CGI, but many of their directors are still rubber-suit-monster lovers, and the sex in many of them is almost more humorous than titillating.

If you are a B-Movie fan, give Popatopolis a shot. It is interesting in a lot of ways, and might be a nice time capsule of what soon may be no more.

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