Friday, May 17, 2013

Carry On Nerding - Nerd Girl of Note #152 - Joan Sims

Like Sid James, there is another face Carry On films needs, and that is Joan Sims.

Sure, there are other great ladies of Carry On, notably Barbara Windsor and Hattie Jacques, but Sims is the perfect foil for Sid James. She has the comedic chops to play many types of roles. She has the age to play older women, but the beauty to portray younger women. When she is not in a film, she is missed, but when she is Sims is quite the scene-stealer. For example, in Carry On Girls, she plays the upper-middle-aged landlady in a contentious relationship with Sid James. In Carry On Henry VIII, she plays the virginal queen newly wed to Sid James' Henry VIII. In Carry On Matron she plays a bit part of a woman three weeks overdue to deliver her baby, and makes for one of the better side plots of the film.

Beside her Carry On roles, Sims is also a Doctor Who alum, being featured in "The Trial of a Time Lord" (1986), appearances in British comedy show The Goodies, and As Time Goes By.

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