Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Las Sicodélicas (1968, Gilberto Martínez Solares)

This one might be a tad more difficult to interpret sin Español...

The film opens with a man running down a beach. He is being pursued by four women on horseback, who catch up to him and gun him down in the surf. Cut to a park, where the girls are hanging out, one reading a book to the others. Cut to a desert landing strip where a man driving a hearse waits for a single prop plane to land. The four women get out, and he takes them to a wrestling match. This is where we get our first view of the women's characters.

The hippie chick espies a man in the next section. The two begin to flirt clumsily. Her compatriots leave, the lights die. When light is restored, the hippie chick is gone and the referee and one of the wrestlers lay dead in the ring. The other wrestler is gone. In the back lot we see the four women pushing a coffin to the hearse.

Now on the airplane, the four women are questioning a masked luchador. The remove his mask, ask some more questions, then tie a weight to his legs and throw him from the plane (presumably into the ocean).

Next we meet the women's boss/employer. There seems to be a sort of Charlie's Angels thing going on here, save that "Charlie" is an old, rather mean looking, woman. She berates the girls for a bit, then slaps her butler around. She yells at them some more, then dismisses them. Apparently they live with her, as in the next scene they are all going to bed (in one room with four beds) and the old woman turns off the light. The wild one decides this is the time to get out her gold go-go boots and head out to a club. She is involved with the singer at the club, and she stays out all  night. Maybe this will be important? The next day they go bowling... Not sure where we are going at this point.

Hey, remember the guy who was flirting with the hippie chick before? Well, he's back, and is shocked to see the paper detailing the deaths at the wrestling match. There is a scene with a chick complaining to her husband or father, then back to glasses-dude. He is troubled by his maid's/secretary's/assistant's short skirts... Then he gets phone call, and runs out of the house.

So, the phone call was to remind glasses-dude that he had golf scheduled with the husband/dad from earlier. He races off to the country club, arriving just before the four ladies. They are there to assassinate husband/dad, and do so with an explosive golf ball. First, however, glasses-dude and hippie chick meet in their normal, clumsy fashion.

It seems the entire cast is there for husband/dad's funeral, including the assassins and their boss. Let me tell you, there is nothing more swinging than a psychedelic Mexican funeral. Also, glasses-dude and hippie chick finally have their first romantic encounter, and it is a clumsy as their flirting. Hippie chick runs away, glasses-dude follows her, but is knocked out by a mysterious figure in a dark, dutch-angled corridor.

Next, the ladies are exercising by the pool, but are called in by bossy grandma, presumably with a new mission. There is a lot of discussion, and one of the ladies more clearly defines herself as the Jacklyn Smith of the film. What is the next mission? Well, I heard the word banco, if that is any help.

At the bank, we find that their mission is a robbery. The women use a combination of feminine wiles and small arms to clean out the safe, and escape before anyone can catch them.

Now... We see a church, and some rustic types praying. However, when they get out side we find these are our ladies, and they have another execution to perform. This is where the film gets particularly difficult to follow. There seem to be numerous missions that are not necessarily assigned (like this one), and the remainder of the film seems to be involved with the four women killing their supoosed love interests. I'll just post some screen caps here for a bit...

Meh, let the bull do your dirty work.

No hiding behind the safety screen for you, son!

Being charming.

I have no idea what glasses-dude does, but he is definitely following the various murders.

He seems to have a lot of guns...

"Major Scandal at the Wrestling Match"

"Bank Robbery in Broad Daylight"

I am calling the League of Charles Nelson Reilly impersonators!

Wait a minute... Glasses-dude is a tank? This is getting confusing.

I'll bump you off later in the film.

Swinging '60s on the Mexican Riviera

I love double sided tape.

We meet again, clumsy hippie girl.

That olive is going to explode soon. Really.

Did I mention that granny boss has a pet llama?

These are poison pills, not explosive olives. More sensible.

He seems dead...

Glasses-dude has been making a big deal out of this clock the whole time.

That is not normal ticking!


They are all dead.

I would imagine this would have been interesting if I had any Spanish under my belt. It is a very talky movie at times, and like many B Movies I assume they describe a lot of things they could not afford to film. As a Swinging Sixties spy caper, it looks very good. It certainly has all the way-out outfits, and glasses-dude looks a bit like Michael Caine. Sadly, my lack of dialogue really hurt my understanding of the film.

Check it out on YouTube here.

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