Monday, August 11, 2014

Nun Attack x3 (@NunAttack)

Being a long time fan of the Macho Women with Guns games, in their original form at least, every now and then I look for things that fit that genre. Going along nicely with the Renegade Nuns on Wheels entry are three games from Frima Studios; Nun Attack, Nun Attack Run & Gun, and Nun Attack Origins: Yuki's Silent Quest. Each game is different, but with a common thread.

First, Nun Attack, pits four of the characters against a fallen evil nun. Each nun has a different special power and strategy.
  • Eva, the leader, can place ghostly decoys of herself on the battlefield.
  • Rosy, the sniper, can become invisible.
  • Olga, the tank, has intimidation powers.
  • Mandy, the healer, has, well, healing powers.
The game is built on several quests on a large place map, then a smaller scale picture of the place with obstacles and battlefield markers, and finally the individual battlefields.

The Quest Map
Wide View
The Battlefield
Gameplay is pretty straight-forward, and there are descriptions of how to play in the early missions. In the wide view screen, touch and drag your team along the path. In the battlefield, touch and drag to move, or to attack. Scores are built on quality of mission completion, i.e. did everyone survive? Was all the evil destroyed? Collect gold along the way to upgrade your nuns' weaponry. This game was 99¢ at iTunes when I purchased it.

Next, Nun Attack Run & Gun is a side-scrolling endless running game. This one has the four characters from Nun Attack (Rosy is your first character, others must be purchased), and includes new characters Yuki (a ninja) and Simone (armed with a bazooka). Characters are bought with coins or gems earned during gameplay or purchased.

Like Temple Run, there are numerous power-ups like the coin magnet, dash and invulnerability. Unlike Temple Run, this is a one way course, though it has multiple levels (like lane changing).Obstacles may be jumped or slid under, and there are enemies that can be shot at or dodged. Also unlike Temple Run, different characters are actually different; not just different looking. Rosy is the slowest shooter, Olga's shotgun hits above and below. Eva and Yuki are likely the fastest shooters.

Controls on left: jump up/jump down. Controls on right: slide/shoot.
Coins earned in the game can be used to upgrade the nuns and the power-up durations. Once you have purchased all upgrades with coins, gems are necessary to further advance you need to use gems to continue upgrading with coins (there are three, I believe levels; bronze, silver, and gold). You do earn gems along the way by completing daily challenges and skill acheivments (always in groups of three). They also do events where you can earn more gems.

The gameplay is straightforward, and the stages becomes progressively more difficult. To see the challenges, touch the trophy in the bottom center above. This game was free on iTunes when I got it.

Next, an interesting game, Nun Attack Origins: Yuki's Silent Quest. Here, you play Yuki the ninja nun. The story is an attempt to save the orphans of your village. The gameplay is puzzle-like, in that you swipe away from Yuki to make her jump. To complete each stage, you must kill all the bad guys, but to score big you must save all the orphans on the stage, finish under deadline, and only use so many moves.

The top of the screen shows how many orphans are in the stage, how many swipes you have left, and how much time is left.
This one also has a stage, every five stages, that is like (I assume) Fruit Ninja (which I have not played). You have so much time to collect so much bread for the orphans, while avoiding the ocassional explosive device. The better you do on a stage, the more shurikens you collect, and completing a bread stage gives you more shurikens. These are used to rebuild the village. This game was $1.99 on iTunes when I purchased it.

I enjoy all three games, but Run & Gun is the favorite. The three have a nice consistency of look, and the characters carry well from game to game. Many of the basic opponents in Nun Attack appear as opponents in Run & Gun. The games on my iPad 2 run nicely, and seldom have issues. Ocassionally there is a crash when Game Center is connecting, but I believe that is a Game Center issue common to many games.

These are lots of fun, and worth checking out. Nun Attack and Nun Attack Run & Gun are rated 17+ on iTunes (I don't see why), but Yuki's Silent Quest is rated 9+ on iTunes. Check out the Frima Studios web site for more info.

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