Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Man's Story (Varon Bonicos, 2010) @Ozwald_Boateng

Despite my nerd status, I have recently become more fashion conscious; leaving behind the t-shirts and jeans that are the uniform of the IT department in favor or button down shirts, slacks and ties. The problem is, aside from very standard (though classic and reliable) forms of fashion, I am not always hip to new and/or interesting things. This led me to watch A Man's Story when I found it on Netflix.

The film is a ten year documentary, looking at the life and career of British designer Ozwald Boateng. It is a not always flattering look at a man with a great drive and great vision, who experiences great victories and great losses. Boateng goes from being the first black tailor on Savile Row, to director of men's fashion at Givenchy, then off to take on the United States with some help from Hollywood stars like Laurance Fishburne and Will Smith.

This is, I think, and interesting look into an artist's mind. Boateng could be a sculptor or writer, but as his medium is fashion he must also contend with business. Few people with skill or ambition create clothing purely for the joy of doing so, therefore if fashion is your calling you must attempt to make it your livelihood; be it as a designer or working in a fashion house.

As a film, it is put together quite well from a narrative perspective. The editing and selection of material creates tension, and there is an arc to the story which life doesn't always provide on its own. There are sections where the sound and picture quality are not great, but it is likely much is archival footage shot before a full documentary was conceived. This is well worth your time. At an hour forty-seven minutes, it moves along nicely and despite covering ten years it is not a whirlwind of material. Check it out, even if fashion is not your thing.

Side-note: I have been doing a bit of a fashion blog on Tumblr. Stuff I wear and stuff I like, if you care for such things. I am a closet narcissist, but many of you know that already. The blog is Put Some Damn Clothes On! here.

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