Friday, December 7, 2018

Tumblr Made Me Stupid

My last published post on this blog was in 2015. That is three years ago. That is not, however, my last attempt. I have a slew of drafts, all waiting for a reason to be; a witty flourish; a point to be made. Why is this so hard? I used to blog daily. The answer is simple.

Tumblr Made Me Stupid.

While I could just post a picture here (there are Blogger users who do that), but I always felt that this platform demanded words. Words that educate or persuade. "Hey, here's a great game I played," or "why this movie is important," is how Blogger works, in my opinion.

Tumblr is the opposite. Press a button and the post happens. Your feed will be full of the same post, over and over again. Here that is different. I may follow twenty blogs which all discuss some new television show, but none will be a copy/paste of another. Each of us had to think about what to write, and have a variety of results. Even if we all had similar reactions, there will be nuances which may grow each other's appreciation.

Also, Tumblr sucks.

I have removed my Tumblr accounts, and likely all of my blogs are gone... I have not checked on shared ownership blogs.

Anyway, I just needed to pull the trigger and post something here. Maybe I'll be back soon? I have played a session of Dungeon Crawl Classics and will be trying out D&D 5th edition soon. We shall see.


cerebus660 said...

Great to see you back and blogging again! I can sympathise with your view of Tumblr - I feel more or less the same about Facebook and Twitter which have a habit of distracting me from blogging. I'm just weak I guess ;-)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Great to see you back here and posting!

Darius Whiteplume said...


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