Monday, January 14, 2019

My First Foray into 5e D&D

First off, let me describe my character, as I want to get a commission done by my Twitter friend A Happy Halfling.

Captain Fotgruhilda Mountainbelly
Human Fighter

"I am Captain Fotgruhilda Mountainbelly; 'Hilda' to my friends, and 'Opal' to my clan. Oh, no, I am not a dwarf. Many years ago, my great grandmother's great grandmother was part of a protective detail with a merchant train to Northaxe. While there, a goblin attack occurred. The city was in danger of being overrun. My people were trading with the Mountainbelly clan, and as such aided their numbers in the fighting. My forebear saved the life of the Mountainbelly matriarch. The two formed a blood bond, and since that day it was decided that the first born of each, and their successive first born, would trade families. I am the sixth firstborn of that agreement. From my earliest days to my eighteenth birthday I lived in Northaxe with the Mountainbelly clan as one of their own. At home in Amsetrn, I am captain of the 14th phalanx of the West Tower. Today, I return from Northaxe after leaving my recently weened first born in the care of my dwarven kin, who will raise her as I was raised; growing strong wielding a pick in the mines, mastering the dwarven shield wall, and speaking dwarvish as though it were her born tongue. How I envy her."

Hilda is trained to fight in a shield wall with long spear and great shield. In close combat she relies on a military pick. Hilda dresses and wears her hair as a dwarf, and wears an amulet with her clan's rune at all times. As a soldier, she is fastidious and dutiful. As a noble and officer she is slightly haughty, but her dwarvish upbringing keeps arrogance in check. She prefers dwarvish food, and turns her nose up at 'that human muck'.

Part of what I enjoy about 5e is a bit of a return to roleplaying and character traits that cannot be qualified with numbers. 5e has generation rules for background and personality traits to help you create a character on the fly, or even the opportunity to get all traits randomly and then try to play as the character is defined. I created Hilda's backstory, as it fit the world the DM created, but created backup characters as well using the various tables.

Rules-wise, I am enjoying 5e. I think the advantage/disadvantage rules work nicely, and are a nice change from the old +2/-2 to roll. Character progression is nice, as it used to be that prestige classes and paragon paths were so far in the future. Now you get small progression steps as you build. Fighters and Wizards are particularly interesting at 3rd level.

To be honest, I like all editions of D&D (though 2nd edition is my least favorite). I appreciate this edition a lot, so far. It feels a lot like old editions. The rules are crunchier than some, but not cumbersome. This is the first edition in a long time I felt comfortable rolling a character without the aid of a generator, like the one distributed with 3e.

All in all, I'm sold. Bring on the goblins!

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